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For New Patients:

If you are interested in, or need our services please get in touch by calling our office directly or filling out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

Common Questions:

Why does Dr. Lawlor require a referral for a new patient visit, even if my insurance does not require one?

When a provider sends a doctor to doctor referral, typically they will send the reason for visit along with any previous notes, lab tests and imaging addressing the current issue. In addition they will send other pertinent information including past medical history and any current diagnosis.  This process helps save time and cost in making a diagnosis and is standard in the field of Rheumatology.   

Why am I scheduled to see a midlevel provider (Nurse Practitioner or PA) if I was referred to see Dr. Lawlor?

Rheumatology is one of the smaller fields in medicine and there are a limited number of board certified Rheumatologist in the country. It is common practice to use NPs and PAs under the supervision of a Rheumatologist so new patients can continue to be seen. Your diagnosis and treatment will be under Dr. Lawlor’s direct supervision and he will typically meet you on your first or second visit with the midlevel.

How long will it take to be seen?

Prescott office wait time is typcially 4-12 weeks.

Phoenix office currently 1-3 weeks.

For Current Patients:

To communicate with Canyon State Rheumatology please read our policy on email communication below.

We will not reply to any email regarding patient confidential information. Please do not send us any medical history or requests for medical information through this form. Current patients should call our office with any requests for an appointment, medications, medical records, or other sensitive information. Do not include any personal information regarding medical conditions, treatments, histories etc. in your emails. Thank you for following our guidelines.

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