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Rheumatology Care

At Canyon State Rheumatology we believe in providing optimum care individualized for each patient. Our Mission is to provide high quality, compassionate care in a kind and respectful environment. 



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Why Canyon State Rheumatology

We are a family-owned practice and we care about you. Like his own family, Dr. Lawlor realizes that relationships are essential. At Canyon State Rheumatology our mission is to provide compassionate care in a kind and respectful environment.

We are

Rheumatology Specialists

Dr. Kenneth Lawlor, DO

Rheumatology Care With Kindness

We care for our patients with kindness and human dignity and make sure they know that we care.

Focus on the Patient

We personalize your treatment with the feel of family. Your health is personal and returning you to a normal lifestyle is personal to us.

Peace of Mind

At Canyon State Rheumatology, we understand your needs. We treat our patients with kindness and compassion. We focus on providing care and relief to help you regain normal activities.

Our Rheumatology


Blue Ribbon Service

Our doctors specialize in treating all types of rheumatologic diseases. They have spent many years in practice honing their skills through patient experience and study to recognize, diagnose, and treat these conditions.